The company has a quality management system which covers every stage of the product cycle from the initial customer’s enquiry, raw material procurement, product manufacturing, and logistics management and after sale services. Particular attention is paid to listening to customers, anticipating their future requirements and responding to their needs.


  • German - “ACHENBACH“02 High speed 04 High Rolling Mills having rolling accuracy with auto gauge control & auto flatness system.
  • U.S.A - “SMUTZE” 02 High precision foil separators with online ultra-sonic welding
  • U.K - “DAVY UNITED” 03 Breakdown 04 High Rolling Mills.
  • German - “KAMPF” & Italian - “BLACK CLAWSON” Poly Laminators.
  • Korean - “NAKAJIMA” Extrusion Laminating Machines & “SUNGUN” dry bond laminators.
  • Korean - “SUNGAN” 9 & 8 Color Printing Machines.
  • Korean - “SUNGAN” Slitting Machines.
  • Heavy Gauge Lamination Machine.

We excel in multilayer laminated and multicolor printed flexible packaging materials. We continuously update production facilities to optimize output and ensure quality products geared up with high performance modern equipment’s and machines.


  • Roll Grinding Unit
  • Co-extruded Poly Film Unit
  • Captive Power Generating Plant
  • Fleet of Trucks – Transport Division
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Electronic Artwork Preparation Section