A well- qualified, experienced and dedicated team of professionals forms a formidable bastion at PG Foils to ensure total satisfaction obits valuable customers. All operations are constantly monitored and managed by this finely honed group, which ensure that the company retains and excels further in building up its reputation as internationally acknowledged aluminium foils manufacturer. PG Foils is rightly proud of its know - how perfected over along period of time of prem group who braving the extreams of weather, set foot on the desert land of Rajasthan, to established a small unit for the manufacture aluminium of its deep rooted family bonds. Nurtured by Late shri Parasraj G. Shah, the founder conductor. Today Prem Group has grown into a conglomerate . And in the crown of this multicrore group is a rare jewel -PG Foils. The company with the third largest aluminium foil rolling capacity in india, and whose product are used in various industries ranging from pharmaceutical, food & beverages, communications, air conditioning and health proudts etc. Needless to say, PG Foils performances is the result of a strong bond amongst the shah family- Abhay P.Shah, Ashok P.Shah, and above All Pankaj P.Shah, who with his entrepreneurial acumen has helped PG Foils reach the Pinnacle of success.

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SHRI PANKAJ P SHAH (Managing Director) This Second genration entrepreneur who underwent an intensive training Foil technology at london has been actively involved in PG Foils since inception. Under his leader- ship, the company’s growth graph turend almost a vertical upwards. His unmatched managing skill has given a tremendous confidence into his colleagues. Business success is only part of complex patina that made him both visinary industrialist & socially sensitive family man.

SHRI SAHIL P SHAH (Whole Time Director) This Third generation young entrepreneur has inherited business approach having inculcation for meeting any challange to come on his way. Pacing with the time who knows he may turn into tomorrow’s landmark! He sound promising for overall growth & success of the PG Group.